Branded logo designs are in these days. Many a times, people are confused between logo designs and brand logo designs. Brand logo designs are logo designs which have been authorized by your organization and then printed on most of your company’s products. Another feature of branded logo designs is that they relate to one product of your company at a time. For instance, if your company has four products to offer, then every product has a separate branded logo. The reason for this is that whenever the branded logo of a particular product is out there in the market, people would easily recognize it and relate it to that very individual product.

We have many examples of branded logo designs in front of us. Let’s take the example of Armani. There are nearly fours parts of it namely Giorgio Armani, Armani Exchange, Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani. Now, simply whenever a pair of Armani Exchange’s jeans will be in the market it will have its own branded logo design and any buyer can recognize that is by Armani Exchange and not by ‘Amrani’.

However, the components of branded logo designs are the same like any other logo except that the name of the company’s branch should be written there.

Branded logo designs are unique and are dignified identities of your products. Branded logo designs offer a more powerful and impressive image of your company to the clients. It shows that your company is offering high standard products.

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